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Sidewalk Paving in Indianapolis Indiana

ACI Asphalt and Concrete Inc. facilitates professional sidewalk paving and repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer sidewalk repair, replacement, repaving, concrete step repair, and much more. Our highly trained and licensed asphalt paving contractors have more than three decades of service in the asphalt and concrete repair industry. Our pavement specialists are industry experts that take great pride in providing exceptional work for sidewalks, concrete steps, curbs, speed bumps, asphalt walking paths, and more. Call 317-549-1833 for more details about our sidewalk paving and repair services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding districts.

Curb Repair - Indianapolis, IN

Curb repair in Indianapolis, IN is simply one service we provide here at ACI Asphalt and Concrete Inc. Our road pavement experts repair curbs, steps, and all other tarmac surfaces for industrial and commercial property across the city. Walking paths and sidewalks are important commodities to maintain for the public. Our technicians can maintain, repair, clean, and replace any worn or cracked sidewalk  or walking path on your commercial company property. Call us today for a free quote on curb repair and more in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.

Indianapolis Sidewalk Repair Services:

  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Curb Repair
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Walking Paths
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Concrete Step Repair
  • Rubber Speed Bumps
  • Curb Rash Repair
  • Sidewalk Removal
  • Sidewalk Construction
  • Sidewalk Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Stair Repair
  • Concrete Ramps
  • Catch Basins / Storm Drains
  • Plus More!